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It is often considered a best practice to keep an eye on the status of the service instances in the BizTalk environment. Too many service instances (in any state like suspended, ready to run, etc) and not clearing up periodically in the environment might high-light some potential problems.  Example: Too many suspended service instances will bloat the MessageBox database and affect the overall performance of the system over a period of time. 

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the support person to take a decision whether to resume the suspended service instances or to terminate them. But there may be chances when the support person may accidentally terminate a service instance that must be resumed. This could cost the business a potential transaction. Therefore, it is important for the organization to set up auditing mechanisms to record the user actions in order to understand "Who did what" in the environment.

BizTalk360 by default audits activities performed by the support person on service instances like resuming and terminating service instances. The Super User, by default, can view the audit logs in the Governance/Auditing section. Super users also have the ability to authorize normal users from the User Access Policy section to view the Governance/Auditing information.

Note: BizTalk360 also allows you to monitor for services instance states.

The below screenshot sliders show how the audit logs are captured when a user terminates a Suspended (Resumable) service instance.