When you try to download a file using the Tracked Message Events screen, sometimes you'll see the error message as follows:

The Operations artifact corresponding to the input parameters was not found.

This happens when the tracking data is not available for the selected instance in the tracking database. If you try the same operation using the BizTalk Admin console, you'll see the following message

The message was not found in the Message Box or the Tracking database. This may be caused by the following conditions: (1) message tracking is not enabled; (2) the message(s) is no longer referenced by a running or suspended service instance; (3) the Message Box tracking tables have been automatically purged; or (4) the SQL Server agent is not running on the Message Box servers."


First ensure that message tracking is enabled and the SQL Server agent is running on the MessageBox servers. After you confirm this, verify that the tracking tables have not been purged also if the message(s) are not referenced by a running or suspended service instance you will not be able to save (download) them.

Other Reason: 

BizTalk Server does not track messages that do not successfully make it through one of the tracking points. In some cases—such as when a message is suspended because it is invalid, or if no host is expecting the message—it may be placed in the Suspended queue without being tracked. If you terminate this message there will be no record of it.

You can use the BizTalk Server Administration console to enable message body and message property tracking.