Commercial general purpose monitoring tools like SCOM, HP OpenView etc provides great level of unmatched functionalities. But with that level of functionality it also comes with the challenge of bloated software with steep learning curve to understand various bits and pieces.

We have seen numerous customers, where they got investments in HP OpenView in the organisation, but couldn't configure Microsoft BizTalk Server purely because of lack of understanding between the two teams. HP OpenView team don't understand Microsoft BizTalk Server and BizTalk team doesn't understand HP OpenView. We have seen similar scenarios for SCOM as well. The end result is, you invested in monitoring solution heavily, but it's not utilized properly.

Another challenge we have come across commonly, BizTalk production support people normally don't open SCOM consoles to check for alerts or they start ignoring SCOM alert emails after a while (if not configured properly, you could get tons of emails), they are more comfortable to open up BizTalk Administration console and check the health of the system. This is purely because, they accustomed to a tool, which they are comfortable with. They tend to stay away from complexities. 

There is a risk in both the above scenarios, in the first case you are not utilizing your resources properly, and in the second case there is great chance of missing critical alerts.

If you already got investment and processes around  SCOM/HP OpenView, you should continue using it.

So, how can BizTalk360 help?

The general idea behind BizTalk360 monitoring/notification capabilities, is to make things simple and efficient, super focused on ONLY Microsoft BizTalk Server related stuff. 

If you look at the above email, it quickly gives the summary of all the applications you are interested in, their artifacts health status, any suspended instances at application level, and when the last one was suspended. At the bottom it gives bit more detail about the applications with problems. 

It's something very effective and people can respond quickly.