Absolutely NOT.

BizTalk360 UI is just the tip of an iceberg; it is bundled with a rich set of features to address some of the common challenges faced by the Microsoft BizTalk Server customers, which includes:

1. It's a Web based RIA application

The number 1 key differentiator is that BizTalk360 is a Web based rich internet application (RIA). You don't need to install anything BizTalk related on the client machine. All you need is a web browser to access BizTalk360 and the BizTalk Server environments configured.

BizTalk360 also supports configuring multiple BizTalk environments from a single installation. It means, you can have a single url (ex: http://yourcompanyserver/BizTalk360) providing access to all of your BizTalk environments like production, UAT, performance, Staging etc. 

BizTalk360 comes with a powerful hosting model to address various customer requirements.

2. Fine grained authorization

Microsoft BizTalk Server comes with a very limited set of authorization capabilities. The only control you get is putting users into either BizTalk Administrators group or BizTalk operators groups (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa578061(v=bts.10).aspx). Typically companies start of with putting people into operators group giving limited control. Soon they realize operators don't have right level of permission to manage their day to day job and promote them to BizTalk administrators group. BizTalk360 addresses this gap seamlessly by providing a rich authorization module. You can control things like:

  • Providing only read only access to the environment
  • Allowing operators to view only certain application in the environment
  • Restricting users to certain tasks like the ability to start/stop host instances, resuming/terminating service instances, start/stop artifacts like send ports, orchestrations, receive locations etc.
  • Users can view/resume/terminate suspended instances for which they got permission to, etc

3. Governance/Auditing

In any enterprise scale applications, it's one of the important criteria to audit the activities performed by the users. You wanted to know "who did what" in any controlled environments. Some of the examples include:

  • Who started/stopped BizTalk artifacts like send ports, receive locations, orchestrations etc
  • Who started/stopped host instances
  • Who terminated that $1 million message?

BizTalk360 has the ability to govern/audit the activities in a Microsoft BizTalk Server environment.

4. Proactive Alerting/Notification capability

Not having monitoring capability for a critical middleware platform is like driving a car without a dashboard. Companies invest heavily in monitoring solution like SCOM/HP OpenView to address this issue. Some of the challenges with big monitoring solutions are its steep learning curve, complexity in implementing, political decisions like the one against the other inline with company strategy etc. BizTalk360 tries to address these issues by bringing monitoring capabilities close to people who are actually supporting the environment. The other important selling factor for BizTalk360 alert/notification capability is its simplicity. You can have your alerting capability set up for an environment in less than 15 minutes.

5. Topology

Will it not be nice if you just click a link and it shows your real time topology of your BizTalk environment, rather than relying on some outdated Visio/Word documents. That's exactly what BizTalk360 topology view does. It shows your environment current topology as a beautiful network diagram.

There are more features in addition to this. We are constantly adding more features cautiously making sure we are not over bloating BizTalk360.