In order to function properly, BizTalk360 requires read access to certain tables in BizTalkMgmtDb (BizTalk Management Database). The required permissions can be viewed in the download page Recently one of the customer raised a support call saying, he cannot see some of the tables (dbo.adm_OtherDatabases, dbo.adm_Server2HostMapping, dbo.adm_ServiceClass, and dbo.BizTalkDbVersion) listed on our download page using SQL Management Studio, and BizTalk360 is complaining about the non-existent tables in BizTalkMgmtDb.

The reason you cannot see certain table using SQL Management Studio is because the user may not have appropriate rights. If you take a look at the below picture, you can notice the user access on the LHS is part of the standard "BizTalk Server Operators" group and the user access on the RHS is part of the standard "BizTalk Server Administrators" group. If you notice closely, you can see there are certain table missing on LHS (dbo.adm_ServiceClass).

biztalk360 database instances