From time to time we receive support emails from customers and trial users when something is not working in BizTalk360 as expected. There may be various reasons for it, examples:

  • Could be simply lack of documentation or understanding of the functionality
  • Configuration issues like IIS settings, ASP.NET setting, WCF settings, DB version issues etc
  • Could be a bug in the product

Typically what we have seen is we receive a support email, and we follow up requesting set of data from the user or redirect them to our troubleshooting section for known issues/configurations. We actively update our troubleshooting section whenever we see new scenarios, as we know that will come back to us somewhere in the future. So your first point of contact for any troubleshooting issues will be here (first time launch) or here (general).

If you can't find the solution to the problem, then you can simply email us at with the basic information and following details:


Browser console/network screen shot

Whenever there is a UI related issue, example the loading screen is spinning forever or blank screen or some error pop dialogue (Bad Request, 500 internal error etc). The best place to look for is open your browser developer tools (F12 or via the menu), navigate to the "Console" tab and refresh the screen. Typically you'll see some RED messages when there is an error.

The other place you can look at is the "Network" tab in the browser developer tools, since BizTalk360 makes lot of back end REST calls, if any of the calls fail, it will effect the UI. You can see whether all the calls are running successfully with 200 OK status or if there are any errors.

If the error message do not make much sense to you, please take a screen shot and email it to our support email address.


SVC Log Files

We use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for our back end API's and we log all the calls using WCF tracing/logging mechanism. Any server side issues will be logged in those files and it will help us to diagnose the problem faster. You can locate 1 or 2  files under the folder <installation folder>\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Web with .svclog extensions. If this is your test environment, rest IIS delete existing files and reproduce the problem, so that the log files will be small and we can identify the problem quickly.


Monitoring Service Log Files

If you experience any problems with BizTalk360 monitoring service example: Message Box Viewer not working, Not receive email alerts, data purging not working etc, then the best place to look at is the log files found under the folder <installation folder>\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Service\Log we segregated each section with it's own log files, so it's normally easy to check for any problems in particular area quickly. You can zip the whole log files folder and send it to us if you experience any issues related to monitoring service.