Under certain circumstances, you will see the following error while trying to install BizTalk360. 

Product: BizTalk360 -- Error 1923. Service 'BizTalk360 Monitor' (Kovai.BizTalk360.InfoTrack.Service.exe) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services.

There are variety of reasons for this error to happen. Some of them are:

  1. Some file locking issues due to previous installs
  2. Account not having “log on as service” permission, and so on

Solution 1: 

The quickest work around for this problem is by choosing “Local System” as Log on credential and allow the installer to complete the installation. Once the installer completes successfully, then navigate to the service mmc console and configure the desired service account.

Solution 2:

The second option is to provide “log on service” permission to the user by following these steps:

  1. Type local on the Start menu > Search
  2. Once you see Local security policy, right click and select Run as administrator
  3. Add the user you want to run the service as
You need to do this step before running the msi.