How To Find Out Whether You Are Affected

Open SQL management studio, right click on the BizTalk360 database and navigate to Reports > Standard Reports > Disk Usage by Top Tables. You will see a report as shown below:

biztalk database table names

If you see the record count in some unusual numbers like over 1 million records, then you are affected. It's important to correct this situation, else you will quickly run out of disk space.

What's The Root Cause Of This Issue?

This situation particularly happens in the environment where Throttling collection service is enabled and you have large number of host/host instances in the environment or if there are some errors collecting throttling collection performance.

Throttling collection is not enabled by default.

BizTalk360 comes out of the box with it's own routines to clean up the data based on your purging settings (in the UI under Settings > BizTalk360 Health > Data Purging). Until v5.0, we called a single stored procedure (sp_b360_admin_PurgePolicies) from our monitoring service which takes care of all the purging. In v6.0, we improved the logic by splitting it into multiple stored procedures (sp_b360_admin_PurgePolicies_*****) that takes care of various parts of data purging. We have noticed the issue happening only from users using v5.0 and below. For the more recent versions of BizTalk360, you can use the stored procedure sp_b360_admin_CleanupDB to manually purge the database in case of large database growth.

When the number of records in the database grows quickly, the call to the stored procedure(s) can start to get timed out from the monitoring services. This will result in data not being cleared and resulting in unusual database growth. We have published a best practices white paper. If in case you missed it, please take a look