Throttling Analyser in BizTalk360 helps to overcome the following challenges:

  1. Throttling is difficult to understand. Experienced BizTalk professionals too sometimes face challenges in understanding huge volume of raw data provided by BizTalk server. 
  2. BizTalk server only provides raw performance counter data. There are no visual tools to understand them better.
  3. Traditional performance monitoring tools like PerfMon, for example, are not suited for monitoring throttling
  4. Enterprises don't monitor throttling conditions in real time. Before moving the system to production, enterprises do lot of performance testing, monitor and tune the system. While in production, the scenario is different.

Synthesizing performance counter data and correlating various parameters is difficult and a challenge in terms of effort to an integration expert too. The goal is to give a visual cue of what is happening in the environment in a near real-time conditions.