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Graphical message flow viewer is where we put it all together. It assists to visualize the entire message flow in one page/view. It encapsulates all service instances , send port, orchestration and receive port details. With regards to message all message properties can be viewed plus the context and the actual content of the message can also be viewed. 

Graphical message flow viewer gives an overview perspective , a summary of the entire message flow and also point by point perspective of all components involved in message flow right through the intricate content of a message.

The most important aspect of BizTalk360 Graphical message flow viewer is it can be easily grasped. It doesn't demand any BizTalk experience. Using Graphical message flow viewer a message flow in a business process can be understood with ease. 

To epitomise the difference of Graphical Message Flow viewer with BizTalk Administration Console Messge Flow interface, Let us take a complex business process where a message flow involves one receive port, multiple orchestrations and send ports. In Graphical Message Flow viewer this process is represented as in the follwing image.

A picture is worth thousand words, You've got a consolidated graphical view, from here you can access everthing you require e.g., service instance properties, receive port, send port, orchestration details, message properties, context and content.

 BizTalk Administration Console provides  message flow details in a textual format as follows

Service Instance(Pipeline) properties and messages associated with it

Service Instance (Orchestration) properties and messages associated with it.

As you can see the graphic representation is much better than textual representation to show at a glance the key parts and their relations, thereby allowing a holistic understanding that textual representation alone cannot convey.