View the latest version.Version 8.0

Graphical Message Flow Viewer can be accessed by clicking on Graphical Flow (Tracking) link on left side navigation menu.

On click of the highlighted link, Graphical Flow(Tracking) page will be loaded.


On Graphical Flow (Tracking) page select "Tracked Service Instances" from  Select Query drop down and click "Execute Query". The Query results  grid will display Tracked Service Instances.

In Query results grid, the service column displays service instance  names. To see the visual of message flow for a service instance, click on the link beneath service column.

On click Graphical message flow viewer opens in a tab called "MESSAGE FLOW".

The send port column shows a service instance node which has an in/out  message. Now you can trace the message flow by clicking on the  messages(depicted as circle).

For instance by clicking the message (green circle) we can reveal the  next destination of the message. In the above case the message is posted to a send port as shown in the image.