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If you are not receiving notification emails from BizTalk360, make sure the following configurations are set in the application.

Make sure the monitoring service is running

Make sure the BizTalk360 monitoring service is up and running. The monitoring service has a set of sub services that are responsible to perform different activities like creating and sending alerts, triggering email notifications and so on. This can be done in the "Monitoring Services Status" section in BizTalk360 Health under Settings. If the monitoring service is stopped, click the Start button to start the service. 

If the monitoring service is not running even after manual restart (of both the monitoring service and the server), and/or if you get the error when starting the monitoring service as shown below, perform the following actions shown here.

Service Cannot be started, since the underlying BizTalk360 database is not available.

If the monitoring service is started and you still do not receive the notification emails, make sure the following configurations are set in the application.

Solution 1

In the SMTP settings, make sure you have entered the correct username and password. You can validate the entered information by clicking the 'Verify' button.


Solution 2

  1.  Make sure you have created at least one alarm
  2.  Make sure you have mapped at least one application to the alarm.

    Solution 3

    If you are using a corporate SMTP server, make sure the BizTalk360 monitoring NT service is running under a domain account. You might have chosen LOCAL SYSTEM while installing the MSI. Also make sure your "from email address" is a proper email address (by going to Settings > Monitoring and Notification > Format Email Template). By default it will be system(at), which your corporate SMTP server may not recognize. Once you have made the changes, restart the BizTalk360 monitoring service.



    Solution 4

    Make sure there are no errors logged in the event viewer with source name BizTalk360. You can also check the BizTalk360.CreateMail.log and BizTalk360.SendMail.log files under C:\Program Files\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Service\Log

    Solution 5

    As a last effort you can enable the low level logging of the email component for diagnosis:

    1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Service
    2. Open the config.xml file and set Logging/Enabled = true
    3. Restart the BizTalk360 monitoring service and leave it running for 5 min
    4. The log file will be generated under C:\Program Files\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Service\OutboundEmails\Log