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HP Operation Manager (HPOM) is an enterprise class monitoring solution used by organizations to monitor the health and performance of different assets of the organization. These monitoring solutions work as a plugin model — they have a base product with integration points that can monitor different things. Its called Smart plugins in HPOM, and there are different plugins available for monitoring windows based applications/servers like Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, BizTalk server, and so on. However, HPOM does not have a plugin that is dedicated to monitoring BizTalk server. It comes as a part of HP Operations Smart Plug-ins for Microsoft Servers. As a result, the ability to monitor a BizTalk server using HPOM is restricted. 

We have integrated BizTalk360 with HP Operations Manager (HPOM) as it can monitor BizTalk servers as a part of its architecture. In addition, we have also added a functionality in BizTalk360 where you can send the alerts from BizTalk360 to HPOM by making few configurations. To achieve this, you need to make some basic configurations in BizTalk360 which can be found here.

Sending notifications to HP Operations Manager

Once you have configured the HP Operations Manager web service in BizTalk360, sending notifications from BizTalk360 to HPOM is quite simple. You need to deselect the option 'Disable Alerts going to HPOM' under HP Operations Manager Settings. By doing this, you allow BizTalk360 to send the notifications to HP Operations Manager. In the HPOM console, you will notice the alert (generated in BizTalk360) information getting appended to the list. You can open the alerts to see the actual alert information.



Stop notifications to HP Operations Manager

At times, you may want to stop sending the notifications from BizTalk360 to HP Operations Manager. During these times, you can select the option 'Disable Alerts going to HPOM' under BizTalk360 settings.