Once the portal users are added to the managed services portal, the next step is to map the portal users (partner consultants etc) with the customer's internal AD account. This is required as BizTalk360 application is accessed by users through their organisation AD accounts and hence portal users are required to be mapped to customers AD account.

There are two ways this can be mapped

1. Map the portal user to an existing AD user. One of the disadvantage of this option is: when it comes to auditing and Governance, the activities that carried by Portal user will be logged under the AD account to which the portal user was mapped. 

2. Create a generic AD account for the portal users and map the portal user to the generic AD account. With this option, all activities will be logged with the portal users AD account and hence it is audited/governed accurately.

Process for mapping portal user to internal AD user

1. Go to Settings>User Access Policy screen.

2. Select the AD account by clicking the check box and choose Edit option from the menu.

3. On the Modify Existing User screen, enter the portal user email ID in the Serivce Bus Identity field and select the environment for remote access.

4. Click on the OK button.

5. On the Partner managed services portal, the "Mapped" column will have the green tick which means the portal user is mapped to AD account and ready for remote login.