Partner portal is the placeholder where Customer site information, Partner Admin details and Partner consultant details are stored. Depending upon the user login, the sections/information detail differs. Through the partner portal, the partner admin can:

  1. Add/Edit partner consultant information
  2. Map the portal user to customer site
  3. Delete a partner consultant user

Add/Edit Partner information

To add a partner consultant, you should be a partner admin.

  1. Partner admin clicks on the Add button on the partner portal
  2. Enter the user name and email ID as provided by Kovai Ltd
  3. Click OK to add the partner consultant

To edit the details, 

Click the Edit button next to the consultant name and edit the details.

To Delete the user,

Click the Delete Button to remove the user

Please note that the user can be added again once deleted unless his account is not deleted in Windows Azure (by Kovai Ltd).