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Find out the release notes for all the versions of BizTalk360


Once your BizTalk solutions are developed and taken to production, you get into the phase of supporting them and operating them on a day-to-day basis

  • Get Started

    Find out how you can set up security, monitoring and all the basics to get you started

  • Installation & Configuration

    Find out the pre-requisites and various options for installing BizTalk360 including the up gradation path

  • Troubleshooting

    Wear your DIY hat and troubleshoot the issues yourself with the collection of articles

  • First time launch issues

    Find out the solutions to common first time launch issues

  • Release Notes

    Find out the release notes for all the versions of BizTalk360


Be the first one to know when your BizTalk Environment is suffering with problems and downtimes

  • Monitoring

    Use BizTalk360 to configure monitoring and alerting for your BizTalk environments

  • Data Monitoring

    Set up data monitors to monitor the data that gets transacted within the system and get notified on the status

  • Notification Channels

    Find out how BizTalk360 triggers notifications to custom external notification channels


In addition to the core product features covering Operations, Monitoring and Analytics, BizTalk360 comes with some optional extras

  • API Documentation

    Work with BizTalk360 Directly Through the API Documentation Section

  • Real time activity feed

    Find out "Who performed, what operation, on which artifact, at what time" instantaneously

  • Managed Services

    How can you manage your customer’s BizTalk360 remotely. Find out more in this section

  • BizTalk360 Settings

    Take a look at the different settings you need to make in BizTalk360 to ensure efficient functioning of the product

  • Knowledgebase

    Knowledge is wealth. Find out how knowledge about a solution/worksround can be captured in BizTalk360


BizTalk360 helps you to operate and administer your BizTalk environments in a secure, efficient, cost-effective and the most productive way

  • Dashboard

    Get to know your Dashboard and easy ways to access different sections in BizTalk360 "in a single click"

  • Administration

    Everything you need to know about web based interface, dashboards, power tools etc

  • Data Access

    Understand how to get to all your data (Message Box, Tracking, BAM, ESB, etc.) from a single place

  • Azure Services

    Understand how to manage Logic Apps and other Azure Services from BizTalk360

  • Security & Governance

    Understand more about BizTalk360 user access policy and advanced authorization capabilities

  • Electronic Data Interchange

    Use BizTalk360 to view the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reports

  • Health check Tools

    Find out more about BizTalk360 built in Health check tools and its capabilities

  • Infrastructure setting

    Find out more about BizTalk360 built in Infrastructure setting

  • Business Rules

    Find out how the complex conditions, actions of a Business Rules can be represented in flowchart way

  • Business Rules Composer

    Use BizTalk360 to publish and deploy new Business Rules

  • Graphical Message Flow

    BizTalk360 helps you to better understand the flow of messages between complex systems


Do not treat your BizTalk environment as a black box. Get insights into what is happening

  • Analytics

    Use BizTalk360 to monitor different performance counters in a single screen at a glance

  • Messaging Patterns

    Visualize the list of unique message flows that has happened in your system

  • Throttling Analyser

    BizTalk360 makes it simple and easy to diagnose the most complicated technical bit of BizTalk server – Throttling Analyser


Let’s take a look at how the pricing/licensing structure will look for new and existing customers

  • Licensing & Purchase

    Details about one of the deciding factor - Pricing and understand the structure of BizTalk360 licensing

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