BizTalk360 Database and SQL version needed

We are in the midst of evaluation for install the BT360 items.  We like we can designate a separate server [VM in our case] to house the BT360 interface AND SQL DB instance needed.

Allusions that we can even install SQL Express is 'interesting' but never for us in a Production or enterprise solution.

We intend to upgrade at some point, our current BT SQL from 2014 R2 to SQL 2016+.  Therefore, we'll want to skip right to SQL 2016, Standard for the BT360 DB.

Does anyone feel a versioning problem?  Does anyone have some input to a DBA, such as myself....stuck in a BT Admin role [please :) let's not discuss how that even happened]...I'm a DBA by trade so my interest is mostly on the SQL side.


PS:  Forgot to ask, there is reference to grant BT360 SYSADMIN rights, but we assume only to the BT360 instance/db...are/is the suggestion also referring that SYSADMIN be granted to the regular BT database instance[s]?

thanks  rik

Hi Rik,

Nice meeting you! My name is Lex Hegt, Technical Lead at BizTalk360 and former BizTalk Administrator. I can fully imagine your challenges in becoming a BizTalk Administrator, while being a DBA at heart.

As you might have noticed, BizTalk Server heavily relies on SQL Server databases and there are few important topics you should take care of, like for example using the SQL job for creating backups of the BizTalk databases. I don't know if you have a BizTalk specialised consultancy company at hand, who can help you with this kind of challenges, but that could be helpful in your scenario.

Regarding BizTalk360, it is completely fine to use SQL 2016 Standard. From a sizing perspective it's better to ignore SQL Server Express. The BizTalk360 database could also be added to that earlier mentioned BizTalk Backup Job, making sure the database stays in good health.

Hope this helps, but feel free to commit more questions!

Best regards,
Lex Hegt

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