Brief note on Email Ids separated with , (comma) and ; (semicolon) in Alarm configuration

When the artifacts are configured for monitoring, we can provide more than one email ids to which the alert emails have to be received either with comma separated or semicolon separated.

Under Monitoring -> Manage Alarms, when we create a new alarm, we have the option to enter multiple email ids either with , or with ;. 

The following is the difference between the different email id configurations:

- When email ids are entered with semicolon, single email will be triggered and sent to all the email ids.

- When email ids are entered with comma, different emails will be triggered and sent to different email ids.

This can be seen from the Notification History -> Alert history. For semicolon, there will be only one record seen. But for comma separated email ids, you can see as many records as the email ids entered.

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