Authentication options for on-premise installation


We currently have a typical on-premise BizTalk install.

2x BT App Servers (Windows Failover Cluster)

2x SQL Servers (Windows Failover Cluster)

All servers are inside our corporate network and BizTalk 360 is installed on the two App Servers.

We use Windows Authentication to access the BizTalk 360 website.

Ideally we'd love to move our BizTalk 360 installation to a server in our DMZ so that it is publically accessible so that we can support it remotely without using a VPN. Our DMZ is outside of our standard Active Directory so we couldn't use normal Windows Authentication.

Our company has ADFS and Azure Active Directory. Is it possible to configure BizTalk 360 to use either of those as authentication providers? I guess worst case can we set up old fashioned ASP.Net memberships?

Many thanks


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