Upgrade process connects to wrong database server

We have recently moved the BizTalk360 database to another database server and changed the settings in the config files.

I want to upgrade to the latest version of BizTalk360 and during the validation stage I get an error message.

When I checked the database details it wants to connect to the previous database server.

Where does it get this information from?

I believe I fixed all the config files.



There may be chances that you have moved the BizTalk360 database from one server to another, and the registry might not have been updated properly post the migration process.

Kindly let us know the below article helps to resolve the problem


Thanks, now points to the correct server.

Still getting the same error but I guess there is something else going on.

Hi Johan,

I would suggest you to create a new support ticket or mail to us support@biztalk360.com and share the screen with us. It will help us to understand in better way.

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