Configuratio of Advanced Event Viewer


In the previously version of BT360 (currently we use : 7.9.9998.3106), for the fields: Event Logs and Sources we used *, and this worked good, its this changed in this new version ?, because it's like the new version don't collect for the *.

I see in the example text that this field expects something like : [Comma separated event logs (Ex: Application, System, Securing etc)]

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Hi Roberto,

I was never intended to take wildcard characters, we alway require an exact match of the sources you are interested in, this applies to the log as well. When you say previous version are you referring to the Silverlight version (6.x)?

Hi Saravana,

It's worked in the previous version 7.9.8400.405



And just one information, we have 4 environments distinct, only one works with wildcard..

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